The real Strawberries of Wépion

The hand-made and traditional methode : Cultivation in open ground

The real Strawberries of  Wépion

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Wépion is known as the capitol of strawberries.
Strawberries were already cultivated in the 17thand 18th century in the gardens .
It was mostly in the 19thcentury the cultivation intensified .
In 1914 , the principal part of the sale was limited to the markets of Namur and Charleroi. After the first world war, the transport possibilities were developed and then the strawberry producers multiplied .
Around 1930 , there were many public markets : Wépion , Bois-de-Villers , Lustin and Malonne.
Today , the cultivation of Strawberries of Wépion represents a quarter of the surface of all strawberry cultivation in Wallonia.

Véritables fraises de Wépion : Bon Appétit

The production-zone under the name "Strawberries of Wépion".

Zone de production sous l'appellation 'Fraise de Wépion'.
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